Video analysis


Panini Digital's video analysts are all ex-professional footballers, to be able to assess and catalogue the best tactical moves in a football match


Panini Digital can offer two video products: the Team Video Report (TVR), to support technical staff with the tactical analysis of the opposition, and the Player Video Report (PVR), used by sporting directors from a market standpoint or by players' agents to promote their clients.

In order to create these two products Panini Digital avails itself of the special work of its video analysts, ex-professional footballers able to record all the tactical phases required by our customers down to the smallest detail. In order to speed up the analysis process, our technicians use the DigitalLOG video server, software which enables the operator to cut the normal time needed for a video montage of the same quality by around 50%. Using DigitalLOG to extrapolate all types of play by searching them in several matches analysed takes a matter of seconds.

The TVR and PVR can be personalised depending on the needs of the individual customer. Panini Digital often produces partial TVRs containing only the analysis of set play situations, fouls committed and goals scored/conceded, leaving the members of the technical staff with the tactical analysis of the opposition. Therefore, DigitalLOG is a crucially important tool not just for our video analysts but also for all customers able to create a TVR fully independently rather than a PVR.

Thanks to a huge video archive accumulated over the years, Panini Digital is also perfectly capable of creating Player Video Reports which encapsulate a player's whole career, by analysing and summarising all the seasons played.