Statistical analysis


Through the DigitalSOCCER database, Panini Digital is able to offer 500 statistical items for every match analysed, with a margin of error of less than 3%


Once the match analysis has finished, Panini Digital imports and re-edits the 1,500 tags into the DigitalSOCCER database, able to release 500 statistical items per match analysed.

The DigitalSOCCER database summarises this data into two easy-to-read pdf documents, the Match Analysis and the Team Report, both created to clearly and concisely highlight a team's strengths and weaknesses.

The Match Analysis analyses the numbers from the individual football match while the Team Report assesses a team's performance from the start of the season or in a given period of time.

The Match Analysis and the Team Report contain highly complex statistical ratios on the opposition and on the matches contested by your team, down to a specific analysis of each individual player on the field. But there's more...

Thanks to the endless capacities of our DigitalLOG server, Panini Digital customers can perform specific and personalised statistical studies, by comparing teams and players for each of the 500 items available in our database.

In addition, for whoever requires it, Panini Digital is able, at any time, to perform personalised statistical studies based on the specific requirements of the customer, providing its experts free of charge for consultations and practical advice on interpreting the stats.