Match analysis


We believe we are the absolute pinnacle in terms of analysing a football match, because we're speaking from 20 years experience...


Panini Digital is able to collect 1,500 tags per game with a margin of error of less than 3%. This quality and depth of data collection is obtained thanks to our chroniclers' use of voice recognition software known as DigitalSCOUT which can record exactly WHO (player name), WHAT HE DOES (technical skill executed), WHERE (exact position on the field of play), WHEN (minute/second of play) and HOW MUCH (time each individual player spends in possession of the ball before passing it or losing it), all using a single operator.

However, it's often the case that the customer directly analyses the games. In this case, Panini Digital provides two simple and fully integrated tools which are easy to customise based on your requirements, the DigitalLOG video server and the App for iPad iDigitalSCOUT, which can be purchsed directly from the App Store.

DigitalLOG allows you to analyse a game or your team's training using the normal TV footage or images recorded via DigitalCAM 2.0 and DIgitalCAM PRO, special Full HD wide angle video cameras. iDigitalSCOUT instead, being an application for iPads, can be used directly on the field of play, without the need to view a game twice.

The Panini Digital tags and the tags collected from customers are synchronised on the DigitalLOG video server and the images can be viewed in just a few seconds.