Do your own stats


Do you want to compare stats between your team and opposing teams?

Would you like to check how the statistical indicators of your players differ from the average championship values?

In the 'Fai da te' (Do it yourself) section, the DigitalLOG video server allows you to run personalised statistical analyses, totally independently, with a simple click of the mouse


On top of the Match Analysis and Team Report, from 2014, Panini Digital gives its customers the option of formulating personalised statistical analyses by comparing, through the use of the DigitalLOG video server, players and teams for all 500 variables proposed.

In this way, you'll be able to see where your team is in relation to others, for each variable examined, and, at the same time, you'll be able to compare your players with the averages of those playing in the same position in the championship.

In addition to the technical variables, over time we have fine-tuned a revolutionary index, the IVS (squad valuation index), which enables you to give an objective assessment of a team's performance, regardless of the final result of the match. Used properly, it can predict a team's performance over the remainder of the championship, given that our twenty years of experience has taught us that the actual standings in the medium/long-term tend to always mirror that of the IVS.

The Do your own Stats are also a brilliant tool for executives and observers in the market, as they can evaluate a player by analysing his scores.